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Boundaries/Coastal_Conservancy (MapServer)

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Service Description: This California coastal zone map includes two layers: water layer and land layer that are provided by California Coastal Commission.

Map Name: California coastal zone map


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Layers: Description: California Coastal Zone means that land and water area of the State of California from the Oregon border to the border of the Republic of Mexico, extending seaward to the state's outer limit of jurisdiction, including all offshore islands, and extending inland generally 1,000 yards from the mean high tide line of the sea. In significant coastal estuarine, habitat, and recreational areas it extends inland to the first major ridgeline paralleling the sea or five miles from the mean high tide line of the sea, whichever is less, and in developed urban areas the zone generally extends inland less than 1,000 yards. The coastal zone does not include the area of jurisdiction of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, nor any area contiguous thereto, including any river, stream, tributary, creek, or flood control or drainage channel flowing into such area.

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Spatial Reference: 26910  (26910)

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