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Ocean/CSMW_Southern_Monterey_Bay_Eelgrass (MapServer)

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Service Description: Prior to 1993, the Del Monte eelgrass meadow covered a continuous 0.1 square miles of the seabed in water depths of 20-30 feet inshore and west of the rocky reef and kelp forest. Zimmerman et al. (2001) indicated that the meadow was fragmented and reduced to less than 50% of its total size following heavy grazing by a southern species of limpet that began in 1993. The prospects for recovery of the meadow to its former size were not considered favorable due to the limpet grazing. However, data after 2001 are limited and the status of this eelgrass meadow was not known as of 2005 (CDFG, 2005). Locations compiled by Zimmerman et al for the Southern Monterey Bay Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan (2008).

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Copyright Text: Zimmerman, R.C., Steller, D.L., Kohrs, D.G. and Alberte, R.S. (2001), The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG)

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