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Ocean/CSMW_San_Francisco_Sensitive_Habitat (MapServer)

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Service Description: Includes wintering and nesting areas of Western Snowy Plover, Bank Swallow closure areas, and Lessingia recovery areas. National Parks Service (NPS) identifies several special management areas within the study area, including a portion of Ocean Beach that is managed as wintering habitat for the western snowy plover; San Francisco lessingia recovery areas near Baker Beach and Fort Funston (NPS, 2002), and; a seasonal bank swallow closure area (NPS, 2010) at Fort Funston. This dataset also includes Pinniped haul-out areas describe by NOAA (2007) to include single-event haul-out locations and areas with continual Pinniped use, and citizen-monitored snowy plover wintering areas at Linda Mar Beach (Pacifica Riptide, 2011). The shapefile was compiled from multiple shapefiles from ESA PWA which were submitted to CSMW as part of the San Francisco Littoral Cell Coastal Regional Sediment amanagement Plan (2012).

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Copyright Text: National Parks Service, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, US Fish and Wildlife Service, ESA and Philip Williams & Associates, Ltd. (ESA PWA)

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