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Ocean/CSMW_San_Francisco_Coastal_Armoring_Lines_ESA_PWA_2011 (MapServer)

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Service Description: This dataset is an updated version of the shapefile created by Jennifer Dare at the California Coastal Commission in 2005. The original version of this shapefile was created by comparing oblique aerial imagery on the California Coastal Records website ( and vertical imagery to locate shore protection structures. A polyline representing the alongshore length of each structure was digitized by tracing an existing shoreline shapefile. The version created by Elena Vandebroek (ESA PWA) in 2011 changed the original version in the following ways: 1) Study area was focused to San Francisco County and part of San Mateo County. 2) Armoring was moved/added to a more accurate location in space, using NAIP aerial imagery from 2010. The original armor data set projected all armoring along a single shoreline. 3) The new armor dataset reflects removals, additions, or changes to the armoring in the study area since the 2005 armor dataset by Jennifer Dare. 4) Linear and polygon features were separated into two separate shapefiles. Revetments are considered polygon features while seawalls, mid bluff walls, upper bluff walls, jute, and piles are considered linear features. This allows for approximate volume/area and length calculations of revetments and linear features, respectively. Dataset was submitted to CSMW as part of the San Francisco Littoral Cell Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan (2012).

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Copyright Text: Elena Vandebroek, ESA PWA and Jennifer Dare, California Coastal Commission

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