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Ocean/CSMW_San_Diego_Sensitive_Habitat (MapServer)

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Service Description: Specific concerns relate to the threatened snowy plover’s critical habitat, including nesting and wintering locations, as well as the endangered least tern’s nesting locations. Least terns are visual predators on small schooling fish and their chicks are vulnerable when left unattended at nesting sites. The potential for construction-related disturbance or turbidity generated during sediment placement to interfere with nesting or foraging success are concerns that require protective measures when these protected species are nearby. The suitability of habitat for grunion spawning or their presence during beach nourishment needs to be evaluated and protective measures implemented if necessary. While other sensitive biota may be present at or near project locations, measures implemented to protect water quality and sensitive habitats are generally protective of other species. Locations compiled by SAIC and submitted to CSMW by SANDAG as part of the San Diego County Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan (2009).

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Copyright Text: Science Applications International Corporation (2008), San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

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