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Service Description: A total of 27 possible placement sites (some with multiple placement footprints) are incorporated into this San Diego Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan to enable the greatest flexibility in sediment management. The majority of the sites have been used previously for sediment placement and some footprints have been enlarged to accommodate more sediment. Seven new sites are nearshore placement sites (off South Oceanside outside of a previous USACE placement area, off Batiquitos, off Cardiff State Beach, off San Dieguito Lagoon, off Torrey Pines State Beach, off Mission Beach, and off Coronado). The suite of receiver sites are proposed to maximize environmental sensitivity of long-term sediment placement within the region by spreading the placed sediment volume over more numerous and larger areas to reduce cumulative impacts (i.e., burial of sensitive resources, turbidity near bird nesting/foraging areas). Modifications to some onshore sand placement sites may occur as part of the ongoing Regional Beach Sand Projects (RBSP) II planning effort. Certain cities have indicated a desire for either more or less sediment and for placement at slightly different locations other than those included in RBSP I. Therefore, some of the placement locations currently shown may change slightly in future adaptations to the Coastal RSM Plan. Data created by Moffatt & Nichol (March 2009) and submitted to CSMW by SANDAG as part of the San Diego County Coastal Regional Sediment amanagement Plan (2009).

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Copyright Text: Moffatt & Nichol, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

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