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Service Description: Sediment sources of interest to this Coastal RSM Plan exist seaward of the coastal watershed drainage divide. These sources generally are more plentiful downstream and closer to the coast and less abundant farther inland, due to topography and greater intensity of development. The SCOUP document (2006) inventories upland sediment sources that include development sites, dry river beds, dry flood control channels, dry sediment detention basins, and roadway widening projects. This CRSM Plan updates that upland sediment source inventory. Sources are diverse, but generally are most numerous within drainage courses such as water-related infrastructure (flood control). Upland sand sources are referred to as opportunistic beach fill in this CRSM Plan. Most viable upland sources exist within the coastal zone, with fewer cost-effective sources located away from the coast. Potential sources of upland sediment include construction projects, highway widening, and various flood control structure. Sediment detention basins could also possibly provide a sustained source of sand. Temporary sediment stockpiling will likely be necessary to facilitate truck delivery from upland sources to the coast. Constraints to delivering upland sediment to the coast include prohibitive trucking transport costs, and limited time windows during the year when trucks can access the beach due to environmental, recreational, or public safety concerns. An additional constraint on upland and wetland restoration sources is the sand size and gradation that can be placed at the beach. An on-going study by the CSMW and its state, federal, and local partners (Tijuana Estuary Sediment Fate and Transport Science Study) is assessing the turbidity and sedimentation impacts associated with upland source materials containing a relatively high percentage of fine-grained sediment. Locations compiled by Moffatt & Nichol and submitted to CSMW by SANDAG as part of the San Diego County Coastal Regional Sediment amanagement Plan (2009).

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