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Ocean/CSMW_Los_Angeles_County_Sediment_Deposits (MapServer)

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Service Description: The U.S. Army Coastal Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) made the first assessment of the potential of this offshore sediment reserve in Santa Monica Bay between 1973 and 1978. Three sites between Santa Monica and Torrance County Beach were estimated to contain about 26 million cubic yards of suitable beach sand. Osborne et al (1983) performed a more detailed reconnaissance level inventory of the four sites identified by the Corps of Engineers. They surveyed the nearshore shelf between the submarine canyons at Point Dume and Palos Verdes Point. Highresolution seismic reflection profiles were taken and limited vibracore drilling performed to delineate the extent and volume of potential sand deposits. The studies by Osbourne identified a fifth potential offshore borrow site north of Marina del Rey. More recent studies to locate suitable off shore sand closer to west Malibu have not been successful as the sediment was found to be too fine grained for beach nourishment. Two CAD files were submitted by Noble Consultants, Inc. and Larry Paul and Associates to CSMW as part of the Los Angeles County Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan (2011).

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