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Service Description: The Los Angeles County beach attendance data came from monthly and annual table summaries as prepared by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division. Their tables are compiled from the daily estimates of beach attendance as reported by lifeguard stations throughout the Lifeguard Division's 30 Areas that are located over their three Sections (Northern, Central, and Southern). Los Angeles County lifeguards patrol over 72 miles of shoreline via 158 lifeguard towers, 15 substations, and four section headquarters. The estimates highlight the importance of Zuma Beach and the Santa Monica Bay beaches to fulfill the region’s demand for active and passive recreation. One point shapefile and one Excel Spreadsheet were submitted by Noble Consultants, Inc. and Larry Paul and Associates to CSMW as part of the Los Angeles County Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan (2011). No original metadata provided.

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Copyright Text: Lifeguard Division Los Angeles County Fire Department, Noble Consultants Inc., Larry Paul and Associates

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