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Ocean/CSMW_Humboldt_Bay_Water_Elevation (MapServer)

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Service Description: Jeff Anderson of Northern Hydrology prepared a DEM of Humboldt Bay representing water surface elevations of the present day mean monthly maximum water surface (MMMW). The MMMW surface was subtracted from the LiDAR DEM to produce a third DEM of relative elevations to the MMMW. These relative elevations were assigned to the shoreline segments at one meter spacing as the DEM is comprised of a one meter pixel resolution. The 1 meter spaced vertices of the shoreline segments were exported to a 3D point feature class. The shoreline segments were then broken at each vertex to produce 169,903 1 meter shoreline segments which all contained the original unique segment identifier, shoreline attributes, and start and end relative elevation values in the attribute table. An average relative elevation was calculated for each one meter shoreline segment and used as the basis for analysis. Submitted to the Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup as part of the Eureka Littoral Cell Regional Sediment Management Plan.

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Copyright Text: Aldaron Laird - Trinity Associates; Brian Powell - McBain and Trush, Inc.; Jeff Anderson - Northern Hydrology; California Coastal Conservancy

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