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Ocean/CSMW_CEMEX_Mine_Dredge_Pond (MapServer)

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Service Description: The mine location was identified using aerial imagery from the National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP) for Monterey County (2006). Southern Monterey Bay has been the most intensively mined shoreline in the U.S. Sand mining near the mouth of the Salinas River started in 1906, and expanded to six commercial sites; three at Marina and three at Sand City. Five of these operations used drag lines to mine coarse sand from the surf/swash zone. In the summer months, when swell waves transported relatively fine sand back onshore, the operations were sometimes suspended. The sixth mine is located at Marina approximately two miles south of the Salinas River mouth, where the sand is hydraulically extracted just landward of the beach berm by a dredge floating on a self-made pond. Although all drag line sand mines were closed by 1990, the Marina operation (Pacific Lapis Plant) owned by CEMEX* is ongoing. *Marina Pacific Concrete and Aggregates was bought by Lone Star Industries and then by CEMEX in 2005. Location identified by shapefile submitted as part of the Southern Monterey Bay Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan (AMBAG, 2008).

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